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Dancing Women


Helping make a Better World

At Women in Art we appreciate the importance of creating an environment in which all of our colleagues, associates and artists can feel valued, included and empowered to be their best.

We recognise that the unique experiences, perspectives, and viewpoints of our various partners, associates and artists are critical to creating an atmosphere that is engaging and inspiring to women artists. 

Therefore, our goal is to foster a community that is attractive to women artists no matter their background or what stage they are in their development.


In our associates we look for the best people to help nurture our community and help create a confidence and profound sense of pride in our aims here at WIA.

We welcome artists and associates who:

  • Embrace different cultures, ethnicities, genders and sexual orientation

  • Create a work environment that fosters growth and advancement

  •  Who will engage with our artists and audiences in a way that reflects and

    respects their unique perspectives and experiences.

All our associates and artists should ensure they align with the ethos of WIA and we take any digression from our ethos very seriously.

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